Production Process

Planning Department:
A list of fabrics and accessories are planned according to the client’s order. Partner companies are contacted for supplying the materials.

Storage Department:
Delivered materials are being checked. Materials are tested to ensure they meet quality standards.

Sampling Department:
Various samples are produced to check the patterns work-ability, shrinkage of the material, as well as style and look of the garment. Patterns are adjusted for desired fit and style accordingly and prepared for cutting.

Cutting Department:
Fabrics are spread and cut on the automatic machines. If the product features prints or embroidery, it is made at a specialized partner firm.

Sewing Department:
Products from cutting, printing an emroidery are collected in the sewing department.
Garment panels are sewed together with the appropriate sewing machine based on seam and stitch selection.
Optioned accessories such as buttons, zippers, and labels are stitched onto the garment.

Packaging Department:
Products are quality checked and ironed.
The products are folded and put into poly bags and passed through the metal detector. Packaged products are stowed into separate boxes according to size.